Tibelly acryllic

Choosing Tibelly acrylic fabric, means choosing optimal quality. All Tibelly acrylic fabrics meet extremely strict technical requirements and are woven from mass-coloured acrylic fibres. As a result, the colour is at the heart of the fibre, ensuring exceptional and long-lasting colour fastness.

Tibelly is the house range of Hylas and contains 76 different acrylic fabric designs divided into six colour groups. These 76 different designs are all available in roll width 120.0 cm.

In addition to these 76 designs, Tibelly offers a range of about 20 solid colours for seamless products. The Uni XL range has the same qualities as standard acrylic fabrics.

Independent of its colour, Tibelly acrylic fabric blocks at least 90% of UV radiation (99% of UVB radiation), 70% of solar heat and 72% of visible radiation.