About Hylas

Hylas is a true family business, established by Mr Willemsen senior in 1978. Hylas started out as a one-man business with limited stock, but the focus back then was already on customisation. Hylas has a keen eye for detail and has strict requirements for its own production to comply with all the different customer wishes.

The company has grown over the years. The one-man business developed into a modern company based on a large team of permanent employees. Thanks to many years of experience, an extensive range of machinery and a broad palette of hundreds of colours, a fitting solution can be provided for almost any question.

The second generation is currently in charge. Pieter and Vincent Willemsen had been working at the company for quite some time when they became the owners of Hylas in the 1990s. After more than 33 years of independence, Hylas BV became a member of the AVZ Group. Together we have been part of StellaGroup since June 2019, a leading player in the field of shutters, rolling gates and related products.

Sustainability has a very high priority. The waste streams are separated as much as possible and reused where possible. All the materials we use can be recycled.

Hylas is rooted in the solar shading industry and praised in the profession. Decades of experience are a rich source of inspiration, but innovation is also crucial. Hylas therefore continues to develop itself, always looking for techniques to do things differently, more smartly and efficiently.
Using the past to shape the future, that’s Hylas through and through.

Broad range of products

Speed and maximum availability of the product range are essential. With a range of more than 550 colours, the right shade is always available. Our in-house collection is made up of the Tibelly acrylic collection and the Hylas screen collection. These colours are available from stock and can be found in the ProSelector.

Hylas also has all the colours of the Dickson Orchestra collection in stock. The other collections are available on a coupon basis.

Reliable partner

Success is mostly related to good entrepreneurship and confidence in one’s own strength. Hylas always keeps its promises. In particular the merger with the StellaGroup has made Hylas a reliable partner.
Professional expertise & quality
Hylas is a company with over 40 years of professional expertise. We know all the ins and outs of the trade. Our employees work in a pleasant environment, which is illustrated by the fact that several employees have worked here for over 12.5 years.

Hylas has a range of modern machinery, including a production-driven barcode system. This allows orders to be traced at every stage and makes it possible to achieve the desired delivery times.

Innovative power

Hylas never stops innovating and is constantly looking for possible improvements to all our processes, to be able to maximise our performance from when you order all the way to the logistics process.

Proactive & service-oriented

Many different applications are possible in the solar shading sector. Hylas is not afraid to adjust to the questions and wishes of the customer. Hylas is part of your final product and makes sure that our finish fits your system seamlessly. In order to achieve this, the people at Hylas look for fitting solutions together with you and provide tailor-made advice.



‘From being the no. 1 solar shading manufacturer in the Benelux to becoming the no. 1 in Europe.’

Hylas wants to achieve this by manufacturing custom-made solar shading textile, with the aim of combining quality, comfort and representativeness into a stylish product that provides added value for every property.
Hylas aims to maximise the efficiency of its production processes by focusing on innovation, optimisation and sustainability.


‘As a solar shading manufacturer, Hylas always wants to be and remain your no. 1 choice.’

To achieve this, it is crucial that we continue to inspire our personnel and provide them with options to keep developing themselves in a pleasant work environment.
In addition, our thoughts and actions are always geared towards the long term. Continuity is more important than a short-term win. As a loyal and committed manufacturer, Hylas prefers to invest in long-term work relationships with customers and suppliers.


‘Being close to the customer and continually optimising.’

As questions and wishes may change, we continually focus on optimising our processes. Apart from having a broad range of products in stock and short delivery times, we also provide knowledge and (practical) solutions to every conceivable issue.

Our customers are both manufacturers and contract solar shading companies, assemblers, fabric replacers and web shops, mainly located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Working at Hylas

Hylas is regularly looking for talented employees. All the available vacancies will be announced through this site. However, you can always send an unsolicited application with your CV to:



Hylas in detail

  • Established in 1978
  • ± 50 employees
  • Over 550 patterns permanently in stock
  • Manufactures over 850,000 m2 per year
  • Reachable, proactive and solution-oriented
  • Market leader in the Netherlands, growing in Belgium and Germany