The Soltis range of Serge Ferrari is manufactured under the worldwide patented Precontraint Serge Ferrari technology. This technology means that the material (fabric) is kept under tension throughout the production cycle. As a result, the fabric can withstand intensive use and weather conditions for a long time without the risk of deformation or tearing.

Hylas supplies the following Soltis ranges:


  • Soltis Horizon 86

This fabric offers an open structure with an unparalleled view to the outside which provides natural light intensity. Soltis Horizon 86 is available in 23 different colours, all available in roll width of 177 cm. 13 colours are also available in a roll width of 267 cm.


  • Soltis Perform 92

The micro-perforated screen works like a thermal shield. The fabric blocks up to 97% of the heat. Soltis Perform 92 is available in 48 different colours, all in a roll width of 177 cm. 16 colours are also available in a roll width of 267 cm.


  • Soltis Opaque

Soltis Opaque provides complete blackout and stops 100% of UV radiation, heat and light. From the Opaque range Hylas supplies B92 (available in 7 colours in roll width 170 cm) and B702 (available in 2 colours in roll width 177 cm).


  • Soltis Flexlight Lodge 6002

Flexlight Lodge 6002 (formerly STAM 6002) is a waterproof and fire resistant fabric with a granular structure and matt finish. Flexlight Lodge 6002 is available in 12 different colours in roll width 260 cm.


  • Soltis Lounge 96

Soltis Lounge 96 is a micro-perforated cloth. Through the openwork texture you take full advantage of it natural light in the house, without beeing dazzled. Hylas has 9 colors in stock from this collection, all available on roll width 297cm. The other 12 colors are available on request.