Hylas has its own range of screen fabrics. The range consists of a total of 48 colours in two different qualities: Sergé and ecole1%.


Sergé is Hylas traditional screen fabric range woven from glass fibre and polyester yarns, with a slightly open structure. Thanks to the special PVC coating, the extremely strong yarns have a very long service life.The Sergé screen fabric range consists of 40 colours, allowing perfect combinations with casing and frame colours.

All designs are available in roll width 285 cm. Fabrics higher than 275.5 cm are standard provided with a horizontal welding seam,, unless the fabric can be 'twisted'. The 10 most popular Sergé designs are also available in a roll width of 320 cm. These can be made seamless up to a height of 312 cm.

Ecole1% is a unique fibreglass screen fabric made from the same fibreglass yarn as Sergé. Due to a different way of weaving this fabric has a less open structure compared to Sergé, which means that the fabric is 84% less transparent to direct light.

The ecole1% range consists of 8 different colours, all available in roll width 285. Ecole1% screening fabrics higher than 275.5 cm are fitted with a horizontal weld as standard, unless the fabric can be 'twisted'.